Florida Man wrestles alligator

Early Sunday night at the supreme golf clu , a Florida man wrestled an alligator after attempting to retrieve a Rolex that was swallowed by the gator. The brawl went on for about fifteen minutes until eventually the alligator tapped out and the Florida man got his watch back. According to the man, Darn thing took my watch and I wanted it back.

Alligator calls for a rematch

In a press conference, the humiliated alligator calls out the Florida man for a rematch. The alligator was demolished the first time around but now thinks he can defeat the Florida man. We managed to talk to the alligator and ask him what he has to say. Grr, Gawr, Gura, Rawr We are currently waiting to hear from the Florida man, But we do know the Florida man accepted the rematch. The date, time, and location has come out too. April 20, 9pm Est, At the abandoned bayou shack. Peta has commented on the situation stating, No animal should ever put in harm especially for this sick amusement. Even though the alligator wants the rematch, we will shut it down if need be. Everyone here at the office is wondering what going to happen next. Till more information comes out, This is Florida Man News.